3-in-1 Plate

Culture Plate Insert

For Complex Tumor Models

  • Create tumoroids, apply extracellular matrices and test drugs. All-in-one platform.

  • Co-culture compatible.

  • Reduced cell requirements, suitable for low volume tissue biopsy samples.

  • Test multiple conditions in parallel. 

  • Monosize tumoroids for experimental consistency.

  • Effortless immunostaining and imaging.

  • Effortless IHC and H&E analysis without manipulating the tumoroids.


The 3-in-1 culture plate insert combines tumoroid formation, ECM integration and drug testing all in one easy to use platform. The 3-in-1 plate is ideal for researchers looking to study the complex tumor microenvironment and test new drug compounds, drug combinations, and repurposed treatments. The insert is perfectly suited to various types of assays and standard laboratory imaging equipment, making it suitable to a wide range of experiments. 

  • Material: Agarose Hydrogel.

  • 3-in-1 Plate Specifications:

    • Number of microwells per device: 24

    • Volume of each microwell: 1 mm3

    • Spheroid size range: 200 - 500 μm


  • Inserts must be stored at 5 C in a refrigerator while not in use. 

  • Pre-sterilized. 

  • Handle with care when removing the 3-in-1 Plate inserts from wells. 


​Tumor Types

  • Lung

  • Breast

  • Pancreatic

  • Colorectal

  • Ovarian

  • Glioblastoma

Material Source

  • Cell Lines

  • Patient Derived Xenograft

  • Core Needle Biopsy

  • Biopsy Surgical Resection Biofluids